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- 6th UK Carbon Budget

Our 4 steps to decarbonisation

Cast Contracts was created to assist in defining a pathway to decarbonisation, in direct response to the legislation and sentiment that is defining business targets and goals across the coming decades. To do this we have identified some key steps and formed partnerships with external specialists to assist at the relevant stages.

While we recommend these steps are taken in this order initially, we identify the process to be circular with continual improvement the overarching goal.

Step 1 - Assess

As part of assessing your building we will undertake a full evaluation of the existing building structure, envelope and services, enabling modelling of the building’s performance. From this, the trajectory to achieving net zero carbon can be understood and a plan developed ensuring carbon improvement targets are objective and impactful.

Cast Contracts work closely with our partners at QODA Consulting at this stage, who are industry experts in energy assessments, building analysis, renewable energy, fabric studies, overheating and daylight modelling – and they are as passionate about sustainability and decarbonisation of the workplace as we are.

This may include:

Step 2 - Advise

Our team will work with appointed consultants and stakeholders to develop meaningful and buildable solutions that meet the agreed objectives defined in Step 1. Throughout, design reuse and circular economy opportunities are explored and integrated.

This may include:

Step 3 - Delivery

Once an agreed approach is in place, Cast Contracts can deliver against these targets through our technical delivery and design teams. We typically group these interventions into three types, the first being optimisation of your space include better utilising existing systems through software integrations or minor works, even down to changing lightbulbs! The second type of intervention that involve moderate disruptions are often where the greatest ROI can be discovered, with some huge impacts seen for relatively minor adjustments.  And lastly we can support you with major works, which typically require extensive work and can cause considerable disruption but can be game-changing when it comes to carbon reduction, particularly in operation. Examples of types of interventions that can be delivered at this stage are included on our Services page.

This may include:

Step 4 - Operate

Working with the building management team and tenants we will help them understand how to work with the new technologies and configurations of their space to achieve the carbon reduction targets set out at the outset.

We work closely with Smart Spaces, whose award winning smart building OS provides a nodal point for your space, allowing you to control and monitor the environment. From mobile access to a full digital twin model, the revolutionary platform allows a space to be operated as it was designed – ensuring decarbonisation efforts are realised.

Our partners at QODA are also able to assist in developing a soft landings approach post occupation, including fine tuning across the first 12 months as well as extended support including energy reporting, staff surveys and KPI reporting through to month 36 and beyond.

This may include:


Our partners

Cast Contracts work closely with carefully selected and aligned specialist

organisations, allowing us to offer a 360 degree service across all project stages.

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